I have been having quite costly experiments with (embeded) hardware in the last few weeks/months. To cover at least part of the expenses, I am trying out to use Google's AdSense with my blog.

I plan on blogging more frequently with the results of the experiments, but it will take me a few days, as I want to offer people only the "meat" of what I actually did, pointing out some pitfalls that made me waste a lot of time.

Anyway, back to AdSense, one interesting thing about trying it is that I applied to be part of the program for 3 or 4 times late in August and, due to unspecified reasons, my application was rejected for "not complying with their policies". I read the policies from left to side, from up and down and nowhere I saw anything that my blog infringed.

This morning, I tried once again and I'm now in a sort of "probation period" for AdSense, which is progress I think.

So far, I only put one advertisement at the top of my pages, but I am curious to know how "targeted" those ads would be to a blog that has articles that were written more than a decade ago, with posts in at least two languages.

I guess that this is a weaker version of what Raphaël Hertzog is trying to do with his funding campaigns, except that I only expect to cover the costs of my hardware (even if I am skeptical that I will actually manage to reach that point of self-sufficiency).

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